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Labor and Employee
Relations Services


Our GovStrive Labor and Employee Relations Specialists combine deep expertise with critical thinking to guide and support HR Leadership in fostering a harmonious work environment. Our team has decades of expertise working within and alongside federal agencies in establishing relational best practices that adhere to and complement OPM standards. Working in partnership with our Agency clients, our experience also includes developing and implementing new or redesigned Labor Relations programs, inclusive of program charters; personnel policies and standardized processes; and strategic plans.

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Our experienced, customer-oriented ER and LR Specialists ease the burden on your agency’s staff while providing expert advice and guidance.


  • Guidance for leadership and supervisors to address conduct and performance problems and questions
  • Establishment of technical procedures for performance management, incentive awards, leave administration, work-life programs, and alternative work schedules


• Address union requests, grievances, and formal negotiations

• Draft employment policies as well as support responses to policy questions

• Analyze enacted legislation, OPM guidance, and departmental orders

• Working with hiring managers to address workers’ compensation issues

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