Our Mission

Mission statement:

To help federal HR organizations deliver the best service in order to exceed their customer service expectations and be a major contributor to their agencies’ missions. We achieve this with:

  • hundreds of federal HR specialists
  • proven tools and methodologies
  • specialized technology solutions built for the federal market.


We understand federal HR – it’s all we do.

We hold every individual to high expectations and accountability, and incorporate our core values into our everyday work.

Do the right things for our clients:

We believe that if we do what is right for our clients, without ever compromising integrity, we will thrive.

Do the right things for our community:

We believe in supporting outreach and philanthropic programs in the communities in which we operate, providing employment and professional development opportunities in the communities where we live and work, and providing opportunities to those who have served in our armed forces.

Do the best work of your life:

We want our people to achieve their own greatness and to be all that they can be. We admire people who “roll up their sleeves” and get stuff done.

Don't be a jerk:

No matter how smart you are, how good you are, or who you are, there is no tolerance for jerks at GovStrive. Respect for people and the ability to get along with others across various levels of an organization is an absolute expectation.

Our People

We’ve assembled a team of experts across the spectrum of the federal HR landscape and HR technology and analytics. Whether you’re looking to address a strategic, operational or tactical HR challenge, we have experienced people to ensure you achieve your goals.

Importantly, our people are dedicated to ensuring our clients are successful. Our team is comprised of experts in every aspect of federal HR, analytics, technology, security, management consulting and managed services. And they aren’t satisfied until you are. If it’s important to you and your agency, our team of experts and workforce solutions are focused on helping you achieve your mission.

Federal HR Focus

Federal HR is what we do. That includes all aspects of talent management, from helping you find the right people for your agency, hiring and onboarding them quickly, ensuring they develop into strong performers and assist with offboarding and retirement. From consultative solutions to innovative technology solutions, from equal employment issues to civil rights issues – if it’s important to you and your agency, our team of experts and workforce solutions are focused on helping you achieve your mission.

We understand the strict regulations and the subtle nuances of federal HR and civil rights, so your agency can navigate these areas effectively. Whether assisting your agency’s HR leaders in making strategic decisions to help evolve your agency to fulfill its mission or assisting your HR operations to free up resources, our federal HR experts will help move your organization forward with the knowledge and solutions that are tailor-made for your agency.

Data-driven Decision Making

GovStrive’s team of data scientists and people analytics experts work closely with your human capital leaders and other members of your agency’s HR team to develop dashboards and reports tailored to your organization’s specific needs. With insightful information into all aspects of your workforce at your leaders’ and other stakeholders’ fingertips, you’ll be able to make better decisions and become proactive, rather than reactive.

GovStrive’s suite of powerful, cloud-based Software as a Service workforce solutions help our client’s strategic and operational needs with real-time access to data and agency-specific insight. Our innovative tools incorporate advanced analytics along with easy-to-use interfaces to help leadership gain the insight they need to make better decisions about their workforces. Because our solutions are built for federal agencies, they provide unmatched value for federal human capital leaders and managers.

Want to Learn More About the Power of GovStrive?

GovStrive provides a superior and personalized experience for our clients. By customizing tested and effective methodologies and tools, our teams of consultants, HR Specialists and advisors are able to address the root cause of organizational challenges to achieve impactful results.

Management Consulting

We drive innovation and efficiency for HR and Civil Rights organizations to improve workforce performance, save money and enhance decision making, while helping maximize strategic and operational capabilities.

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Managed Services

We provide support and services to help HR teams remain nimble and focus on the most critical components of their operational objectives.

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Workforce Solutions

Innovative cloud-based SaaS solutions that provide federal human capital leaders with powerful data and insight to improve strategic and operational decision making.

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We’re here when you need someone to tackle complex federal workforce and HR problems through collaboration, innovation, and experience.