As federal HR reporting continues to become more complex and time consuming, the aggregation of data form multiple sources becomes more cumbersome and time consuming. HR specialists often spend significant time on transactional activities such as reporting, taking time away from more strategic initiatives.

FedLens™ automates reporting across common human resources (HR) reporting areas, helping HR leaders become more proactive in understanding challenges that your agency’s workforce may face in the future. This automation of reporting helps transform your organization to become more data-driven in its decision making.


Report Automation

Automates federal HR reporting to save time and improve accuracy


Predictive Analysis

Tracks hiring, attrition, and other workforce models to understand future workforce needs.


Workforce Planning Support

Supports agency workforce planning initiatives with insight on identifying and closing skills gaps, improving employee retention, and meeting agency-specific goals aligned to strategic workforce objectives.


Trend Analysis

Provides agency leadership with targeted trend analyses of workforce and FEVS data.


Federal Compliance

Provides your agency’s leaders with comprehensive bi-weekly reports of workforce data essential for compliance with federal regulations/directives and strategic workforce planning.


Secure hosting

Hosted on a secure, FedRamp-approved environment, with permissions-based control for users, to ensure your HR data is protected.

Personal, Agency-Specific Reports

FedLens™ provides agency leaders with intuitive reports and workforce insight into employee retention, performance, and more.

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GovStrive provides a superior and personalized experience for our clients. By customizing tested and effective methodologies and tools, our teams of consultants, HR Specialists and advisors are able to address the root cause of organizational challenges to achieve impactful results.

Management Consulting

We drive innovation and efficiency for HR and Civil Rights organizations to improve workforce performance, save money and enhance decision making, while helping maximize strategic and operational capabilities.

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Managed Services

We provide support and services to help HR teams remain nimble and focus on the most critical components of their operational objectives.

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Workforce Solutions

Innovative cloud-based SaaS solutions that provide federal human capital leaders with powerful data and insight to improve strategic and operational decision making.

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