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Hire the right people with the right skills – quickly.

Most federal agencies simply post open positions on USAJOBS and hope for the best.  The few that have recruitment programs often use stale recruiting techniques that do not attract millennials and today’s tech-savvy candidates. But it’s not HR’s fault.

Recent federal mandates have put HR offices in a difficult bind to find top talent with dwindling recruiting budgets, fewer dedicated recruiters, and dated recruiting technology. Also, the hiring process for federal employees is approximately 106 days. That is simply too long to compete with private sector companies that heavily invest in innovative recruiting practices and cutting-edge talent acquisition technologies. Lastly, the federal government can rarely compete with private-sector salaries, particularly in the cybersecurity arena.

That’s why it is important for federal agencies to actively connect their ‘higher-purpose’ mission brand with potential candidates through new and creative channels, such as social media platforms.

Integrated Recruitment Program & Support Services

 Whether your agency needs a fully outsourced recruitment program, or assistance with recruiting events, or enhancing your social media presence, GovStrive provides a full suite of recruitment services with turnkey precision.

Staffing & Classification

  • Critical Position Identification
  • Position Description (PD) Creation
  • Vacancy Announcement (VA) Postings

Recruitment Events

  • Event Planning
  • Event Marketing & Materials
  • Event Roles & Responsibilities

Recruiter Training

  • Recruiting Tools
  • Pipeline Management
  • Talent Pools & Communities
  • Recruiter Roles & Responsibilities

Communications, Awareness, & Outreach

  • Partner Relationship Development
  • Applicant Outreach Plans
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Online Communities & Advertising
  • Internal Communications & Messaging

Recruiting Process Standardization

  • End-to-End Recruiting Process Standardization
  • Recruiting SOPs, Support Templates, & Toolkits

Technology Support

  • Applicant Intake
  • Tracking Event & Recruiting Effectiveness Metrics
  • Reference Checking

Project Management

  • Project Governance
  • Program Mission Goals & Success Metrics
  • Recruitment Integration

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We provide support and services to help HR teams remain nimble and focus on the most critical components of their operational objectives.

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Innovative cloud-based SaaS solutions that provide federal human capital leaders with powerful data and insight to improve strategic and operational decision making.

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