Change Management &
Employee Engagement

federal change management


As federal agencies continue to respond to and transform with new administrations, congressional mandates and requests, changing regulations, an evolving workforce and never-ending technology changes, it’s clear that change is the new normal.

Our employee-focused approach to change breaks down silos, provides easily adaptable tools and processes, and builds critical partnerships for federal agencies to achieve success. We weave federal change management capabilities through all of our service offerings and client projects, embracing the concept of change champions and employee engagement through integrated awareness campaigns to ensure organization-wide adoption and sustainment.

federal change management

Proven tools, templates, and processes to foster employee understanding, commitment and lasting organizational change.

Our Methodology

A proven methodology for federal agencies to implement change within their organization. Typical changes GovStrive helps clients with:

  • Strategic
  • Cultural
  • Structural
  • Process
  • Technology and systems
  • HR call centers

Depending on the project and your agency’s unique needs, the methodology may include the following GovStrive phases and activities:


  • Executive understanding and alignment
  • Awareness and readiness assessments
  • Program goals and alignment


  • Vision and executive messaging
  • Change team(s)
  • Rollout strategy and employee engagement plan
  • Pilot test
  • Change platform and learning resources
  • Change champion network
  • Success measures


  • Awareness campaigns and announcement communications
  • Mobilization of change champion network
  • Employee awareness, understanding, commitment, and involvement
  • Development of training curriculum, materials, and deployment schedule
  • Facilitation of process and communication of progress


  • Continue facilitating process and communicating progress
  • Take-Action and Go-Live campaigns
  • Deliver ‘just-in-time’ training
  • Ongoing leadership and employee communications
  • Shifting of ownership to impacted leaders and employees


  • Ongoing reinforcement communication and engagement campaigns
  • Sustaining change at the management level
  • Recognizing employees and celebrating wins
  • Measuring and reporting success

Employee Awareness and Engagement Toolkits

GovStrive provides a full suite of of-the-shelf digital communications and media, as well as interactive events that can also be tailored to your agency’s needs. Examples include:

  • Awareness, go-live announcement, and employee engagement emails
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Posters
  • Promotional gifts
  • Webinars
  • Town halls
  • instructor-led training
  • e-learning modules
  • job aids

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GovStrive provides a superior and personalized experience for our clients. By customizing tested and effective methodologies and tools, our teams of consultants, HR Specialists and advisors are able to address the root cause of organizational challenges to achieve impactful results.

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