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Katrina Hsen | August 1, 2019

Formal incentives such as cash awards are only one way leadership can acknowledge individual contributions to the agency mission. Agencies can use other methods and strategies to reward and recognize employees, such as informal and honorary awards that recognize employees’ performance and value to the organization.

FEVS questions employees on reactions to incentives, recognition for performance, and individual contributions to the agency. Survey results have shown that there are significant differences between supervisor and non-supervisor perceptions. Agencies should use this as an opportunity to train supervisors to apply formal incentives effectively and adopt informal strategies aimed at recognizing performance to effect positive change.


Perceptions on rewards and recognition are a key component to organizational culture. OPM and agency leadership provide formal guidance on rewarding and recognizing employees. In addition to this guidance, agencies can augment traditional performance and rewards analysis with FEVS results to further understand how rewards are distributed among employees.

Use FedViews to analyze employee performance and rewards.

The current administration has placed particular emphasis on evaluating employees and determining their performance awards. As such, when agencies submit workforce fund plans to OMB, agencies should consider how they will distribute awards among top performing employees.

FedViews can track actual rewards distributions over time compared to FEVS responses, to inform workforce fund plans.


FedViews includes detailed analysis on diversity, inclusion, and inclusive diversity using FEVS and your workforce data to help you develop an action plan to address these areas.

Explore all other FedViews capabilities and contact GovStrive to learn more.

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