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Retention Analysis

Build a lasting strategy to retain top talent

Understanding Organizational Retention

A comprehensive analysis of what contributes to an employee’s decision to stay or leave their position within an agency is important for leadership as they seek to build a targeted retention strategy. Reviewing retention rates alone misses the opportunity to explore what is driving retention and what mitigating steps leaders can take to impact retention. Research shows that retention is dynamic and is influenced by a number of factors including job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and the employee value proposition. Other factors such as an employee’s experience within the organization, performance, awards, and opportunities for advancement are important as well. These factors can vary across employee groups in a single organization, underscoring there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a good retention strategy. It is important to understand the impact of these factors across offices and/or demographic groups to foster workforce planning efforts.

Leaders have an opportunity to dive deeper into what is impacting their organization’s unique retention strategy. Armed with insight, organizations can take action to increase retention, decrease unwanted turnover, build employee engagement, and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. GovStrive can help you evaluate your retention strategy in order to identify key factors that incentivize employees to stay and grow their careers in your organization.



GovStrive supports federal agencies with a roadmap for assessing and promoting retention strategies that are uniquely suited to each organization.


Benefits and Outcomes of GovStrive’s Data-Driven Approach to Retention Analysis:

GovStrive’s methodology will help you identify the key drivers of retention specific to offices and groups across your organization. With this tailored insight, you can implement customized retention plans that are uniquely suited for your employees.

As a result, your organization will:

  • shift to a proactive and future-focused retention model that leverages your understanding of current and past performance
  • ensure retention strategies are customized to your organization – understanding the unique drivers of retention based on your workforce
  • create a retention model that serves the entire employee experience and is repeatable as part of your living human capital management lifecycle



GovStrive equips executive leadership with the information to facilitate organizational transparency and informed workforce decision-making across your agency. Check out FedChart for more information.

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