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GovStrive Launches Virtual Onboarding Program to Enhance Federal Agencies’ New Hire Experience

Dublin, GA, and Arlington, VA, August 4, 2020 – GovStrive, a leader in managed services, management consulting, and workforce solutions that help federal HR leaders effectively manage their organizations, today announced its new virtual onboarding program to help federal agencies better onboard new hires within remote environments, which are becoming more prevalent within agencies due to the pandemic.

The virtual onboarding program employs GovStrive’s New Hire Communications Framework, which provides a powerful toolset to improve engagement with new, remote federal hires, while reducing the strains and burdens on agency supervisors and HR staff. The framework offers the flexibility for agencies to employ GovStrive’s Managed Services and Onboarding Specialists or technology to automate the process of delivering creative and engaging communications.

In today’s landscape, with more federal employees teleworking due to the pandemic and the need to hire and onboard more critical than ever, an exciting and positive onboarding experience is essential to ensure new hires become seamlessly engrained into their work assignments as well as the agency’s mission, values, and culture. GovStrive’s virtual onboarding program empowers agencies with powerful employee engagement capabilities to quickly provide remote and dispersed new hires with answers to their questions and access to resources, so they become acclimated to their role faster than in a traditional setting. It also provides engaging, agency-specific interaction between new hires and their supervisors, allowing vital personal relationships to develop and flourish, as well as regular communication between HR staffs and supervisors to further streamline the onboarding experience.

“Due to the pandemic, as well as an overall shift in workforce desires and expectations, federal agencies are struggling right now with how to effectively onboard new hires, so the time is right for us to harness our hands-on federal virtual onboarding experience and provide this offering,” said James Sasser, president and chief executive officer of GovStrive. “With federal HR leaders challenged to effectively embed new employees into agencies and teams, and to foster personal relationships with supervisors that are not in the same physical location, this offering provides these leaders with immediate assistance in overcoming these hurdles.”

GovStrive’s virtual onboarding program is available immediately. Learn more at


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