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Unpacking Managed Services

Kimberly Castleberry | March 27, 2020

With the looming pressures of tightening budgets and service constraints, federal agencies grapple with how they can maintain regulatory compliance while optimizing their operational delivery. With this in mind, GovStrive relies on a team of experienced and diverse Human Resources (HR) specialists that support our Federal partners with executing core operational activities. 

Our Managed Services Portfolio includes a breadth and depth of sought after services, that continues to evolve with the ever-changing federal landscape. The value of the staff augmentation model, increasingly being leveraged across the federal sector, is unparalleled and backed by comprehensive data analytics. 

The identified services are at the heart of every federal HR organization, and through the superior staff augmentation GovStrive provides, federal agencies are able to realize many tangible and lasting benefits: cost-savings, improved customer experience, increased focus on mission objectives, enabled efficiencies, and added transparency.  

As part of our Federal HR Corner video series, our Director of Managed Services, Jennie Sasser, provides insight into the “why” and “how” Federal agencies are leveraging Managed Services to optimize their customer service. 

Check out the video here.