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The MLB Playoffs Have Arrived – Look Beyond the Wins

Joe Abusamra  |  September 30, 2019

Great talent is critical for a winning organization. But to become the best in a field, whether sports or business, an organization needs more than the best talent.

After a six-month grind, the Major League Baseball playoffs have finally arrived. And as they’ve generated excitement around the growing GovStrive offices, with our Atlanta and Washington, DC-area offices in particular rooting for their hometown teams participating in the playoffs, it got me thinking about the teams’ success and the parallels with GovStrive.

But thinking about the parallels, I wanted to look beyond the obvious. Whether you’re the world-famous New York Yankees or the lesser-known Minnesota Twins, it’s pretty easy to tell your fans you want to have a great team, make the playoffs and win the World Series. Of course, accomplishing that goal is easier said than done. Nevertheless, that’s the goal, and the playoff teams are now set.

In looking beyond the wins and losses, beyond the games – what else is there?

Interestingly, look at the mission statements of the teams and their foundations – who knew?!

Here are excerpts from a sampling of the playoff teams:

Minnesota Twins: “…committed to diversity beyond the idea of baseball. We believe when we take the field, we play for everyone…”

Houston Astros: “We seek to harness the passion of baseball fans to support youth baseball and softball programs, the recognition/honor of our nation’s military, childhood cancer awareness and efforts to reduce homelessness…”

New York Yankees: “…to promote and sustain a cordial, cooperative relationship between the New York Yankees and its neighbors, and working together to enhance the life throughout the surrounding community.”

Atlanta Braves: “…committed to making a difference in the communities we serve. To demonstrate that commitment, Braves employees have stepped up to the plate through Braves Care, an employee volunteer initiative designed to assist our community and charitable partners.

Washington Nationals: To use the sports of baseball and softball as vehicles to foster positive character development, academic achievement and improved health among youth from underserved communities in Washington, D.C.

Now to GovStrive. One of our core values, as it relates to this topic, resonates with all of us and one I believe we all take great pride in. And it also aligns with these baseball teams:

Do the right things for our community: “We believe in supporting outreach and philanthropic programs in the communities in which we operate, providing employment and professional development opportunities in the communities where we live and work, and providing opportunities to those who have served in our armed forces.”

We’re proud of the great team of talent we have assembled at GovStrive (another parallel with the playoff teams), and are passionate about delivering high-value results-driven services and solutions that help federal agencies mission-related needs within HR and civil rights organizations. We love what we do and we’re real, real good at it.

But we’re also passionate about helping others in the communities where we live, from our Dublin headquarters to our satellite offices in Washington, DC, Atlanta and Albuquerque, and our remote workers across the country.

It’s fulfilling to work with talented people doing exceptional work. It’s even more fulfilling working for an organization dedicated to helping others and the communities we live in.

For all you baseball fans, enjoy the games.

And also remember what is truly important.


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