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Strengthening Communication Practices – FEVS Analysis: Communication Between Leadership & Employees

Katrina Hsen | May 2020

As the majority of federal employees continue to work remotely, effective communication is essential now more than ever to accomplishing organizational goals and fulfilling the agency’s mission while staying safe!

Although government-wide scores increased by 7% on average for FEVS questions concerning communication between agency leadership and employees from 2014 to 2019, opportunities for improvements remain.

In particular, only 52% of federal employees are satisfied with the information they receive from management on the state of their organization (Q64). The public health crisis provides a unique opportunity for agencies to improve upon current communication practices.

Takeaway: Agencies should take this opportunity to implement targeted communication strategies to better inform employees about the state of their organization during this unprecedented time. OPM has delayed FEVS data collection to July 13th.  Subsequently, agencies can evaluate the effectiveness of their communication efforts in the 2020 FEVS.

FedViews helps identify better communication practices for agencies.

Federal agencies use FedViews to track trends and evaluate the effectiveness of targeted initiatives with FEVS and workforce data. With FedViews, federal agencies can access up-to-date action-planning resources on improving communication skills, including materials addressing practices and federal policies in response to Covid-19. These features make FedViews a powerful resource that help agencies identify best practices and implement solutions to improve communication practices!

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