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Faster Implementation with Reduced Costs

The adoption of HR technologies is an integral element of an organization’s digital transformation, designed to streamline and automate previously tedious and manual processes. Successful HR technology adoption is a nuanced undertaking, but GovStrive helps our clients to realize benefits quickly and efficiently – the ability to innovate, maximize people skills, and reduce costs.

GovStrive brings decades of experience, coupled with proven methodologies and approaches, to assist our federal clients in planning for, testing, and implementing new technologies – all the while providing project management and change management to impacted stakeholders.

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The successful implementation of HR technologies signals a critical shift, enabling HR Leaders and staff to transform their focus from administrative to strategic.


Solution-Centric Process Requirements

  • Apply a holistic approach to produce a solution that combines process and automation
  • Partner with agencies to develop a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder needs to support HR service transformation
  • Analyze, validate, and prioritize solution specifications to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and visibility through automation

User Stories & Acceptance Criteria

  • Collaborate with clients to understand and define system features and functionality, as requested through a catalog of user-specific abilities and intended system responses
  • Conduct working sessions to derive detailed, step-by-step scripts to enable validation of process requirements
  • Create user stories to guide agencies in technology implementation and deployment based on our in-depth knowledge of agile and waterfall development lifecycles

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Execution

  • Manage UAT through stages of Planning, Coverage, Execution, and Reporting to verify accuracy, completeness, and quality to ensure the system meets agency specifications and needs
  • Document the defects and enhancements needed to provide resolutions to clients and ensure system readiness
  • Prepare training materials to match system specifications

Solutions Adoption Strategy

  • Identify areas for improvement within an agency’s system; adopt a plan to implement solutions to meet agency needs for current business processes and systems while anticipating future needs
  • Formulate a detailed approach for managing the system solution prior to, during, and post-deployment to ensure the smooth transfer between systems and to foster successful adoption
  • Support and guide clients during the development of technology systems through briefings, trainings, system announcements, and standard operating procedures to summarize system functionality and direct affected users to available resources

Go-Live Support

  • Coordinate with stakeholders and technology partners to deploy hardware requirements to ensure that the systems/solutions are ready and acceptable to end-users
  • Prepare training tools and resources to properly equip and educate affected users on system functionality
  • Monitor and maintain end-user feedback before and after system deployment to mitigate risks, identify challenges, and inform future enhancements
  • Conduct on-site support for end-users on Go-Live date, offering immediate support for system implementation

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GovStrive provides a superior and personalized experience for our clients. By customizing tested and effective methodologies and tools, our teams of consultants, HR Specialists and advisors are able to address the root cause of organizational challenges to achieve impactful results.

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