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McKenzie Fisher | December 20, 2019

The new year is upon us, bringing fresh expectations, predictions, and forecasts. Understanding what trends exist in the federal landscape is important to effectively plan and implement strategies that improve workforce performance and operations. The federal landscape may be impacted in several ways throughout the year due to shifting political dynamics, regulatory updates, and changes in federal priorities.

Understanding these challenges, GovStrive looked at major developments in human resource management, assessed them from a federal viewpoint, and collectivized our insights into a comprehensive report, now available for download.

Through our assessment, we found 12 human capital trends that we expect will impact or continue to impact federal agencies in 2020. Some of these trends are related and many show overarching commonalities of innovative technology, workforce evolutions, and an emphasis on prioritizing customer service and human resource management.

Highlight on our 2020 HR Trends

As an organization laser-focused on delivering highly-valuable Human Resources (HR) solutions to federal agencies, GovStrive is excited about continuing developments in technology, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As our own Marc Legaspi notes in a recent video interview, some federal organizations have already begun implementing these automated technologies and are seeing benefits to include increased operational efficiency.

Automations are transforming customer service experience, a critical factor in organizational success, with diverse applications for agency employees including HR supervisors and new hires, as well as, job applicants. Implementation of technologies such as chatbots, knowledge article libraries, and online ticket submissions are projected to increase employee productivity and boost customer engagement. GovStrive has produced a new technology solution with this in mind; our HR Customer Care Center, offers turnkey support with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

We also see highly-impactful changes due to an increased percentage of millennials in the workforce. While this is not as prevalent in the federal environment it demands attention as the federal employee base ages. Federal agencies must become more cognizant of how generational characteristics may affect recruitment  and retention of high-quality talent to meet mission critical needs. GovStrive has unveiled a new Federal Recruitment Center to offer holistic recruitment support to federal agencies.

Download GovStrive’s 2020 “Federal Human Capital Trends to Watch” Report

We encourage every human resource management organization to unpack the insights documented in the “Federal Human Capital Trends to Watch in 2020” report and visit the GovStrive website to see how we can support your federal agency needs. With the right insights and solutions, the new year can be full of successful outcomes!


GovStrive equips executive leadership with the information to facilitate organizational transparency and informed workforce decision-making across your agency. Check out FedChart for more information.

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