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No 2020 Hindsight for Your 2020 Federal HR Challenges? It’s Okay – We’ve got You Covered

January 29, 2020

Who wouldn’t love to have 2020 hindsight in any part of our lives?

Many Challenges – and Opportunities — for Federal HR

For federal HR and human capital leaders, the list of challenges is long. From finding millennials to replace increasing retirements, to onboarding needs, improving your FEVS scores, numerous security threats, understanding and maximizing HR technology and many more, there is no shortage or strategic and tactical areas to worry about. Beyond that, an ever-changing landscape of federal regulations and dictums from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) make the federal HR environment one of almost unlimited foreboding tests of leadership.

But the flip side is that each of these challenges also present tremendous opportunity.

And that’s where GovStrive can help.

Backed with decades of real-world federal HR experience through our staff of ex-federal HR specialists, HR directors, managers and more, we employ a team of experts that can bolster your leadership teams and staff with strategic as well as tactical help. If you have an overburdened HR team, we can assist them through those particularly busy times.

You may not have the benefit of 2020 hindsight, but GovStrive can help you with whatever 2020 throws at your agency.

Real-world Success

The real-world successes are too numerous to list here, but a brief sampling includes:

  • the GovStrive HR Customer Care Center, which has helped a federal agency reduce the response time HR provides to employees and freed up the HR team to better focus on strategic initiatives
  • assisted an agency in quickly and cost-effectively processing over 30,000 records and ensured the corresponding SF-52 forms were uploaded to eOPF
  • installing and implementing USA Staffing for a large agency with no service disruption
  • an integrated digital and print marketing communications plan for thousands of federal employees to educate and provide agency-directed messaging.

Cross-functional HR Expertise

Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • HR service delivery transformation
  • HR technology implementation and deployment support
  • classification and staffing
  • employee engagement, including FEVS analysis
  • reorganization assistance
  • workforce strategy and talent management
  • business process reengineering
  • change management and employee engagement
  • project and program management
  • federal recruitment strategy and tactical support
  • anti-harassment support
  • federal benefit and retirement support
  • labor and employee relations
  • personnel security processing (HSPD-12)
  • transaction processing and records management (eOPF) support.

Ready to turn the federal HR challenges of 2020 into opportunities and long-term success for your federal agency?

Contact us today.