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New to 2022! FEVS 2021: Let’s get prepared!

FedViews® has been updated to include important changes OPM has made to FEVS 2021. Federal agencies can use FedViews® to automate analyses of the new survey with revised and added questions about the effects of COVID-19 on Federal employees, and the new index that measures Performance Confidence in the Federal sector.

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Updates to questions for 2021 FEVS.

New core questions have been added to the 2021 survey that comprise the Performance Confidence Index. In addition, questions covering COVID-19 have changed since the 2020 FEVS survey. New measurements in COVID-19 examine vaccination protocols, ventilated worksite, and other factors involved in returning to the workplace safely.

FedViews® analyzes the new modified survey while also providing historical results based on the older surveys. With analyses of current and historical FEVS at hand, Federal agencies can use FedViews® to evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing human capital management strategies and use insights from FedViews® to support their goals and mission.

With FedViews®, Federal agencies can analyze employee perceptions of Performance Confidence.

The new Performance Confidence index was developed by the OPM Survey Analysis team, comprised of Masters and PhD level Industrial Organizational Psychologists, Social Science Researchers, and Statisticians. The OPM Survey Analysis team worked to modify the Performance Confidence index from an existing index that was fitted for privatized industry. The modified index measures Federal employees’ confidence in their teams’ ability to provide high quality products and services and achieve the mission of their organization.

Insights into business performance, customer service, work quality, goal accomplishment, adaptability, and collaboration can now be explored using the Performance Confidence index. FedViews® can be used to analyze Performance Confidence to provide Federal Agencies information on Agency effectiveness and evidence of effective leadership practices.

FedViews helps you focus your resources where it counts.

FedViews® is uniquely positioned to inform agencies on their areas of effectiveness as well as address their human capital management challenges by providing FEVS and workforce data analyses, action planning resources, and subject matter expertise, to guide workforce management practices that promote a safe, equitable, engaging, and inclusive work environment for all employees.