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Measuring Resilience with the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

In the 2022 FEVS, OPM has introduced new measures for the effectiveness of the federal workforce. One of these new measures is Resilience.

According to OPM, FEVS defines Resilience as the capacity of all aspects of an organization to respond effectively to challenges confronting them, as well as to adapt and take advantage of opportunities.


Work Unit Level

Question 27: My work unit successfully manages disruptions to our work, has an overall percent positive score of 66%.

Question 30: Employees in my work unit approach change as an opportunity, has an overall positive score of 54%.


Organizational Level

Question 39: My organization effectively adapts to changing government priorities, has an overall positive score of 67%.


Leadership Level

Question 63: Management makes effective changes to address challenges facing our organization, has an overall positive score of 52%.

Analyses of FEVS data reveal a statistically significant relationship between Resilience and Agency Size. For each question about Resilience, Very Large and Large agencies have lower scores than smaller agencies.

The biggest differences when comparing percent positive scores from Very Large and Large agencies to smaller agency sizes are found in questions 27 and 30. Both questions measure Resilience on a work unit level.

Strategic plans for improving Resilience within these organizations should focus on a bottom-up perspective, allowing for the strengthening of individual work units which will add to the overall Resilience of the organization.

Note: “Other Agencies” includes very small, small, and a few medium-sized agencies.

With FedViews®, Federal agencies can analyze Resilience.

FedViews® allows for the analysis of Resilience to bring agencies insight into their performance. Insight given by FedViews® can be used to create data driven action plans. These actionable steps can guide agencies towards meeting objectives for strengthening their workforce and tracking progress on these goals.

FEVS 2022: Employee Engagement Trend Analysis

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