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Managed Services — Relief for Overburdened Federal HR Organizations

Joe Abusamra  | July 15, 2019

The list of shortages, burdens, and constraints is long:

  • a shortage of HR expertise
  • a shortage of IT and technical expertise
  • security exposures
  • high call volume
  • rising costs and declining budgets
  • employee shortages
  • hiring challenges
  • the challenge of adhering to federal statutes and regulations.

For the overburdened federal HR organization, the list presenting obstacles to fulfilling your agency’s mission and becoming a strategic organization is seemingly endless.

To deal with all these challenges with only your agency’s resources is a daunting task. To deal with all of them efficiently and still support your HR organization in helping your agency achieve its mission might be impossible. Stretched resources will have your HR department focused on tactical tasks and responsibilities, with little or no time for strategic initiatives.

One solution – managed services for federal agencies.

Several agencies are already taking advantage of the benefits provided by managed services. As reported by Federal News Network, “with managed services, agencies such as the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense and Homeland Security are sharing overhead, surge capacity and costs for their help desk services.”

But even smaller agencies can benefit – they can receive previously unattainable advantages, from modern solutions to reduced costs. Lori Ruderman, director of fed response services for the Program Support Center, points out that for smaller agencies “to have state-of-the-art infrastructure for 24/7 coverage for a very low call volume, the cost per call would be astronomical.”

With managed services, the constraints of a limited staff with limited expertise are eliminated. Lunch time and other breaks are covered. Vacations are no longer a concern. Concerns about a lack of expertise are eliminated.

Besides creating time for agencies to focus on strategic issues rather than tactical ones, a managed services approach can change the entire perception of an agency.

Managed services can help an agency become more secure and more efficient. With sophisticated analytics readily available to the agency, agency leaders gain unprecedented insight into the agency’s hiring, onboarding, engagement and workforce initiatives.

Whether you’re looking for staff augmentation, call center support, hiring and onboarding assistance, improved security, access to new technologies, subject expertise or other operational challenges, federal managed services can help you execute your agency’s mission and improve your HR’s operational efficiency, while reducing costs.

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Joe AbusamraJuly 15, 2019


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