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"I really enjoy working side-by-side with our clients to help deliver innovative solutions that meet their mission-critical needs. All organizations are built by people – without good people you cannot do good work – and I think GovStrive has some of the most amazing people working here."

Amanda Franks

Senior Manager, Management Consulting

Amanda Franks is Senior Manager, Management Consulting for GovStrive, where she delivers project management, process improvement and account management services for her clients. Throughout her career, she has also supported clients through the delivery of hospitality, technology development and implementation support, communication enhancement and growth, and non-profit and federal industry strategies. Amanda delivers creative solutions and new, innovative strategies to her clients and aims to provide the best customer satisfaction. Through her experience, Amanda has become proficient in a wide array of topic areas including but not limited to: project management, end to end process improvement, business process discovery and mapping, adult education platforms and gamifications, system evaluation and mapping, data delivery and utilization, metrics and matter, business to business environments, and technology implementation and development. Amanda has been a part of the GovStrive team since 2015.

When she is not working, Amanda spends her time with her family on her mini-farm, playing with her dogs, cats and horses, gardening and enjoying nature. She also enjoys traveling with family and friends, exploring new destinations or returning to favorite spots.


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