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Our Work Environment Assessments:
Improving Federal Work Environments Through Data-Driven Insights

GovStrive’s Approach to Work Environment Assessments

To recruit and retain top talent, Federal agencies must cultivate the inclusive, diverse, safe, and engaging work environments that employees seek. However, without actionable data to guide them, agencies may struggle to cultivate attractive work environments.

GovStrive’s work environment assessments provide Federal agencies with the tools and insights needed to continuously improve work environments through rigorous, customized surveys, focus groups, standard reports, and data-driven action plans.

Gather employee feedback to improve your agency’s work environment.

GovStrive’s work environment assessments help agencies build beyond the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). While FEVS measures employee perspectives, more data gathering and analysis is required to guide improvements. Our assessments complement FEVS with additional surveys and focus groups that gather direct employee feedback critical for improving the work environment.

We enrich FEVS insights significantly by digging deeper into key issues and pinpointing targeted actions to enhance work environments. Our assessments identify strengths to leverage and pain points to alleviate. We leverage cutting edge statistics and technology to analyze results, including advanced machine learning that allows us to extract insights from open-ended feedback quickly and accurately.

Agencies receive standard reports with impactful visualizations and consulting support to turn assessment results into action plans for improvement. GovStrive empowers leaders with evidence-based plans to boost diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility (DEIA), accountability, safety, and other important factors. We work with agency leaders each step of the way to implement action plans and evaluate them for impact.

Empower leadership to positively impact their organization and employees.

The GovStrive Difference:

  • Comprehensive survey based on agency needs.
  • Rapid large-scale open-ended feedback analysis.
  • Diagnostic metrics and reporting.
  • Action planning framework and consulting.
  • Optional pulse surveys to track progress.

Work Environment Assessments

Our comprehensive assessments gather employee feedback about how to improve each aspect of the work environment in federal agencies. We will work with agency leaders to customize the assessment based on their work environment and deliver results to help them improve.

GovStrive has developed an extensive bank of questions about specific factors of the work environment in federal agencies. This question bank was developed through rigorous academic and industry research on contemporary work environments. Federal agencies can leverage this question bank to implement work environment assessments with minimal ramp up time.

Agency leaders can use assessment results to develop and implement action plans to improve the work environment. The effectiveness of action plans can be assessed using GovStrive’s optional pulse surveys.

Pulse Surveys (optional)

GovStrive’s optional pulse surveys are short questionnaires that gather employee perspectives about specific topics, including engagement, DEIA, job satisfaction, and retention.

Choosing to implement our pulse surveys allows an agency frequent and regular feedback (monthly, quarterly, etc.) on the impact of action plans, supporting agile management and retention strategies.

Action Planning

GovStrive has developed a proprietary action plan framework to support work environment improvement based on assessment results. Our action plan framework guides agencies leaders through four crucial steps:

  • Research to gather additional information to support action plans following an assessment.
  • Development of action plan with specific goals and steps leading to improvements.
  • Implementation of action plan by required stakeholders.
  • Evaluation of the plan’s impact based on FEVS results, subject matter expertise, and GovStrive’s optional pulse surveys.


Our work environment assessments are priced per assessment based on the size of your workforce. Our pricing includes configuration of the survey, survey deployment, analysis, and reporting. Additional pulse surveys can be added by request of the agency.

With FedViews®, Federal agencies can analyze Resilience.

FedViews® allows for the analysis of Resilience to bring agencies insight into their performance. Insight given by FedViews® can be used to create data driven action plans. These actionable steps can guide agencies towards meeting objectives for strengthening their workforce and tracking progress on these goals.

FEVS 2022: Employee Engagement Trend Analysis

Federal agencies are more productive, retain more talent, and are more likely to achieve mission objectives when their employees are highly engaged at work. See how engaged federal employees are.

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