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Employee Engagement Improves! FEVS Analysis: Employee Engagement Index (2014-2019)

Katrina Hsen | March 2020

Regardless of sex and minority status, Federal employee engagement scores have significantly increased over the past five years.

Engagement Trends

Overall, engagement scores have improved 5.4% since 2014. However, scores among minority females are improving at a slower rate than other groups.

Minority female scores improved because there were increases in perceptions of supervisors’ support for employee development (Q61), as well as confidence, trust, and respect for leadership (Q61, Q65). Although improved, minority women’s scores on those questions are still lower than other groups. Additionally, questions that saw the least improvement among minority women were already high scoring and comparable to other group scores.

Key Takeaway: Despite a substantial increase in employee engagement, demographic differences in the rate of improvement remain. To continue these improvements, supervisors and senior leaders should meet with employees across all demographics, but in particular with minority women, to address their concerns, support their development and continue to build trust, confidence, and respect.

Employee Engagement Heat Map

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