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Virtual Onboarding
for Today’s New Reality

Exciting and Personalized Engagement to Energize New Federal Hires

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The federal government hires thousands of new employees each year, in an environment where teams are increasingly decentralized and not co-located.  Supervisors, teams, and HR are challenged with how to onboard a new employee into the agency and their team, and to the work, processes, values, and culture, especially when they can’t sit face-to-face like they are accustomed to.

We believe that new employees who are not in proximity should have the same onboarding experience as an employee sitting in the same office as the team. GovStrive’s New Hire Engagement delivers the experience new hires need to be effective on Day 1 and productive quickly, without burdening supervisors and your HR staff.

virtual onboarding

Delivers exciting and personalized engagement to energize new hires:

  • Complements virtual onboarding needs
  • Enhances interactions between the new hire, supervisor, and Human Resources (HR)
  • Promotes understanding of agency mission and values
  • Engages with the new hire consistently and promptly throughout the onboarding journey 
  • Fosters positive working relationships through the development of interpersonal connections
  • Onboarding specialists to deliver on-one-one experiences for new hires

Onboarding Facts:

  • Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%
  • 72% of employees say one-on-one time with their direct manager is the most important aspect of onboarding
  • Most new hires decide whether to stay with an organization for the long-term within the first three to six months of employment

Your new hire onboarding experience consultation

Your New Hires:

  • Fully engaged and immersed in agency culture and values from job acceptance to Day 1 and beyond
  • Productive and engaged on Day 1
  • Increased retention rates

Your Hiring Managers and Supervisors:

  • Engaged with new hires starting with job acceptance
  • Improved productivity for new hires
  • Reduced administrative burden onboarding new hires

Your Agency:

  • Transformed with modern tools and communication to onboard in today’s virtual landscape
  • Resources freed up from onboarding tasks to focus more on strategic issues
  • Increased retention rates

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