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How To Better Assess Diversity in the Workplace

January 10, 2023

Federal agencies are required to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in the workforce. Employee recruitment and hiring are, of course, central to that. By leveraging our experience and the tools and resources we own, we are able to better analyze talent trends, assess diversity in the workplace, and develop practical, impactful strategies that can fulfill federal standards and agency goals.

diversity in the workplaceA Better Approach to Diversity & Talent Pool Analysis

Recruitment and hiring are two important ways that agencies can promote diversity and inclusion, and GovStrive’s Talent Pool Analysis can help. Recruitment and hiring start before the first job announcement is posted and candidates’ applications are received. It starts with properly analyzing an agency’s recruitment process.

Our Talent Pool Analysis compares an agency’s workforce against DEIA benchmarks based on U.S. workers in similar occupations to highlight where DEIA can be improved at the agency.

 Additionally, our solution helps agencies locate U.S. workers from diverse backgrounds with relevant education and experience for recruitment. With this solution in hand, federal agencies can assess and promote DEIA with research-driven strategies and track improvements to diversity in the workplace over time.

GovStrive’s Solution to Analyzing DEIA and Talent Pool Trends  

GovStrive supports federal agencies with a roadmap for assessing and promoting DEIA through recruitment and hiring:

  • workplace diversity dataReview recruitment and hiring strategies against federal DEIA requirements and ensure alignment.
  • Analyze agency workforce data to identify overall strengths and opportunities to promote diversity in the workplace
  • Organize opportunities for bridging any DEIA gaps based on location and occupational series.
  • Review talent pools by geography and occupational series to find locations of US workers from diverse backgrounds with relevant education and experiences.
  • Focus recruitment efforts so that diverse candidates have the opportunity to apply for open positions.
  • Track DEIA at the agency level to promote positive trends and maintain progress.

GovStrive’s analytics integrate research-driven metrics with human capital strategies to create a comprehensive report. These reports will drive new recruiting procedures and resolve talent pool gaps between target benchmarks and current trends. 

As talent pools ebb and flow through each fiscal year, GovStrive updates reports annually to match impact with current trends. 

Key Features of our DEIA Analysis Solution

  • Provides agency leadership with high-level organizational awareness, strategic planning, and workforce policies and procedures

  • Field of metrics to precisely measure long-term impacts, diversity benchmarks, and ability to effectively identify DEIA gaps

  • Informative reports for leadership teams that summarize recruitment strategies for tracking short-term & long-term progress of diversity initiatives.

Use GovStrive to Build Diversity in the Workplace

Promoting DEIA values in the workplace doesn’t end with just recruitment and hiring. Federal agencies must transform their operations, environment, and engagement strategies to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility standard are implemented and supported.

We have the plan, tools, and resources to help federal agencies meet their benchmarks and continue meeting their goals year after year. Leverage our support services to your benefit. Having a partner who understands your organization, priorities, and framework can empower you to meet your diversity goals without sacrificing other objectives.

Learn more about the power of GovStrive.


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