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DEIA Support Services


    Ensuring the Federal Workforce Serving America Represents America

The Federal Government is the largest employer in the nation, and executives are faced with the challenge of better representing the people they serve. They must refine organizational strategies and priorities so they can effectively transform their HR practices through a diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) lens.

In response, GovStrive created practical solutions for our federal partners, developing strategic support services that will help our clients better assess and manage their DEIA structures and impact.

DEIA Strategic Plan Assessment Support

Assessment support is critical for the long-term success of any DEIA plan. GovStrive provides data-driven insights that look at current structures and how they’re impacting an agency’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility efforts.

DEIA Strategic Plan Improvement Support

Equipped with better knowledge and customizable tools, GovStrive can craft an effective and comprehensive strategy that will improve the DEIA efficacy and implementation of federal agencies.

Our Focus on Assessment and Improvement Support Targets the Following:

Program Assessment and Strategic Guidance

GovStrive assesses agencies and uses data-driven insight to construct DEIA strategies that achieve quantifiable and sustainable change. 

Strategic Recruitment and Targeted Outreach

Through new, creative engagement channels, GovStrive enables agencies to connect potential candidates with mission assignments while still emphasizing DEIA tactical strategies. 

Civil Rights Support Services

GovStrive creates a comprehensive and dynamic toolkit that will support the diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility needs of government agencies both for today and tomorrow – no matter what changes may come.

Harassment Prevention and Response

Our team delivers customized and comprehensive Employee Support Programs that enhance our client’s efforts at creating a respectful and positive work environment

Workforce Strategy and Talent Management

GovStrive’s comprehensive approach to Workforce & Talent Management delivers tools and solutions that help federal HR leaders improve workforce performance, planning, and engagement while helping employees navigate their careers.

Data and Analysis

GovStrive leverages our automated solutions and proprietary tools so that federal HR and CR leaders can better understand their current workforce, improve employee engagement, predict future workforce trends, and manage the ever-changing landscape of their organization for optimal DEIA applications.


DUNS Number: 078750837 | SAM Unique Entity ID: UKXQJYEKUN34

CAGE Code: 6V5E1 | GSA MAS Contract No. GS02F013GA      

GSA OASIS SB Pool 1 Contract No. 47QRAD20D1173


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