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Big Changes Ahead! 2020 FEVS: We’re Prepared, Are you?

FedViews has been updated to include important changes OPM has made to FEVS 2020. When results from the survey are released, Federal agencies can use FedViews to automate analyses of the new streamlined survey, as well as new questions about the effects of COVID-19 on Federal employees.

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FEVS Analysis: A Comparison of 2018 and 2019 FEVS Question Scores

FEVS 2019 data has been released and there are significant changes from last year to this year. While it is important to acknowledge year-to-year changes, agency leaders should look at FEVS data over multiple years to track trends in employee responses - especially areas that have trended upwards or downwards over multiple years.

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The “How” and “Who” When Recognizing Performance

Formal incentives such as cash awards are only one way leadership can acknowledge individual contributions to the agency mission. Agencies can use other methods and strategies to reward and recognize employees, such as informal and honorary awards that recognize employees’ performance and value to the organization.

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FEVS Response Rates & Employee Engagement

Agencies should begin evaluating the strategies used in 2019 to encourage participation in FEVS. All employees should be reminded that they have one week remaining to complete the FEVS survey and the value of their participation.

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Job Satisfaction & Employee Retention

As part of other human capital management strategies, supervisors and managers can make a great impact on employee job satisfaction and, in turn, retention by implementing targeted initiatives aimed at empowering employees and providing opportunities for growth.

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